Quality Carbon Brush Suppliers into Southern Africa


CBTCarbon Brush Technology was founded in March 2013. Carbon Brush Technology supplies Quality Carbon Brushes into Southern Africa and Africa, as well as Brush Holders, Current Collectors, Sliprings, Commutators and Brushgear. Carbon Brush Technologies is a BBBEE Level (4) contributor.

  • Manufacturer of all types of Brushes for all AC, DC and TRACTION applications.
  • Current collectors for all types of cranes, including VAHLE, DEMAG etc.
  • Sliprings: Manufacturing to spec.
  • Design of New Sliprings.
  • Assemblies for Industrial, Mining Traction etc.
  • Commutators: Premium Quality in Design and Manufacturing of all types of Commutators.
  • Brushgear/Brush Holders: Specializing in Overhaul and Repair to any Brushgear/Brush Holders back to spec.
  • GEC and various OEMS.
  • Suppliers of New Brush Holders.
  • Consumable items include: Grinding Stones, Undercutting Blades, and Insulating Materials etc.
  • ERD’s Raid (Earth Return Devices).

Carbon Brush Technology

Quality Carbon Brush Suppliers into Southern Africa and Africa

“Seeking to be the preferred name for carbon brushes and associated products to both local and international markets. We will strive toward all aspects of excellence as we expand our product availability to more countries and markets.”

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